Job Coaching

"Jacqueline was so wonderful to work with, I couldn’t recommend her more highly. She was a supportive cheerleader but at the same time very honest and knowledgeable about what I was doing wrong and what changes I would need to get my job hunting on the right track...Jacqueline was great in looking at the big picture as well as drilling down into the details of what that looked like, this was infinitely helpful. With her help, I found my dream job, and when I did, I was ready for it, prepared in the interview, did all the right follow up, and I knew I was making a smart and solid move. I don’t know if I could have landed there without her help...She’s very good, and very effective. I am living proof!"
--Emily Laubach, Job Coaching Client

--Alex Chavez

“My self confidence is something I’ve really been lacking the past several years, and I’m starting to get it back. [Your videos] really spoke to me. I even went on my first job interview in years today. Thanks for always being so positive.”

"I have known Jacqueline McLaughlin for the past 8 years. My husband and I have used her job coaching services for over 6 years now and for about a year. I highly recommend Jacqueline McLaughlin as a Job Coach and Recruiter. After 8 years, my husband was laid off from a job and it was a devastating experience. Jacqueline offered...job coaching services which led to him finding a new position that commanded more money and benefits and was closer to home. She helped my husband with the skills, language and confidence to secure this position.

Through the years, Jacqueline has taken the time to call us, e-mail us, and even Skype with us to help with career placement and advancement. 

We highly recommend Jacqueline’s services as she’s truly been a lifeline for our family."
--Lynn Craig-Chavez



"Jacqueline is a creative and tireless talent scout who did an amazing job of helping us fill a series of open positions. Whether by managing the recruiting process, reaching out to candidates at events, or rallying the troops for referrals, Jacqueline did an amazing job."
-Chris Yeh Investor, Writer, Mentor, Entrepreneur
Jacqueline was able to fill positions for me at a high rate and demonstrated ability to juggle filling multiple roles at the same time. She understands the importance of finding out why her candidates were or were not successful in the interview process and adapts as needed for the next one rather than just throwing lots of candidates at you. She also had impressive success in digging up great candidates for very hard to fill roles, and could handle a very fast paced environment that was constantly changing priorities. In fact, she often anticipated needs before positions were even opened and had candidates ready!
— Brian Weichel, 
Engineering Leader

"Jacqueline has been a great recruiting partner in the truest sense. She really took the time to understand our business, vision, culture and hiring requirements and applied it to present the best candidates. Her ability to paint the picture of Kadient and get candidates excited is a tremendous asset since we're an early stage company not a "big brand." She's never wasted my time with a candidate, and the greatest measure of her success is in the success of her candidates - they rank among our best employees!"
--Jennifer Peterson VP, Global Human Resources at Monotype

“[Jacqueline has] been wonderful to work with and the quality of candidates that [she] sent my way was amongst the best I have gotten in my 19+ year career.”


"Working with Jacqueline will set a new standard for what you expect from a professional recruiter. As a hiring manager, the first time I worked with her at Authoria, I was surprised that she took the time to interview me at length. She sought to not only understand the technical skills and tools candidates needed to do the job, but learn about my management style, the type of work my team did, and our personalities and work ethic. Using this information, Jacqueline did very thorough pre-screening interviews which yielded high quality candidates, and ultimately led to a successful hire...She further impressed me with her detailed understanding of the rapidly changing job market, being the first recruiter I knew to successfully use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to connect with candidates. If you are a manager who understands that your organization can only succeed when you hire the best people, then Jacqueline McLaughlin is the recruiter who will help you find them."
--Alan Sloan Manager, Information Development at Peoplefluent

Jacqueline did an excellent job spearheading our recruiting process and helping us bring on board multiple enthusiastic, top-tier candidates in short order. Our team is strong due to her good work.
— David E. Weekly
, Head of Rapid Rollout Lab, Google Access

"Jacqueline is the best recruiter I have worked with in 30 years in the software, technology and services industries. Her ability to align the job and work culture requirements to bring the best of the best candidates to the interview makes life very easy on the hiring manager. The end result is an employee who loves their job and brings great value to the organization. Jacqueline rocks!"
--Dan Pardoe, Global Support Delivery Leader HRT at Willis Towers Watson


"Jacqueline is a very detailed oriented person and the best recruiter I've ever been fortunate enough to work with. Her ability to find senior level candidates that match not only the skill level sought after but also the cultural fit necessary to succeed is uncanny. All of her hires for my teams have been successful.
Jacqueline perseverance and attentiveness have helped her excel in her role as a recruiter and any company would be fortunate to hire her."
--Didier Guzman VP, Integration & Platform Strategies at PeopleFluent

Jacqueline presented to me a fantastic opportunity with Authoria that I enjoyed thoroughly. In the years after, she presented to us additional candidates that were superb in quality allowing our engineering group to prosper. Jacqueline has the unique ability to match talent with where it’s needed and is a gem to any staffing role.
— A. W. Vella
, Attorney at Juris Technicata, LLC

"I was directly recruited by Jacqueline in 2004 and then at the beginning of 2007. She is one of the best recruiters I've ever worked with and recruited by. She is professional, courteous, tenacious, and very pleasant to work with. She was one of the important factors that I chose to join Authoria."
--Lei Gu, Hands-on architect and technology thought leader