Full Life Cycle Recruiting

In recruiting, Jacqueline partners with clients who are behind the 8ball in their staffing efforts for a wide range of understandable reasons.  

  • Are you a new company looking to scale your staff quickly, but are unsure of the first steps?  
  • Are you a mature company with a sudden, unexpected need to grow your team?  
  • Does your hiring strategy need a spark to compete in the current talent environment?  
  • Do you have key contributors on board and seek innovative ways to retain them?  

If any of the aforementioned ring true, we'd be honored to help.  


  • Jacqueline is the consummate professional recruiter. She is thorough, intelligent, high energy, and relentless in her pursuit of the best candidates to fill critical positions.
    — Elizabeth Ricci - Vice President of Engineering, VirMedica, Inc.
  • Jacqueline is a very detailed oriented person and the best recruiter I've ever been fortunate enough to work with. Her ability to find senior level candidates that match not only the skill level sought after but also the cultural fit necessary to succeed is uncanny.
    — Didier Guzman - VP, Integration and Platform Strategies, Peoplefluent
  • Jacqueline does phenomenal work. She listens and conceptually helps you define your recruiting needs. She is patient but persistent in achieving quality results.
    — Brian Hearing - Principal/Senior Vice President, Emerging Markets
  • Jacqueline has been a great recruiting partner in the truest sense. She really took the time to understand our business, vision, culture and hiring requirements and applied it to present the best candidates. The greatest measure of her success is in the success of her candidates - they rank among our best employees!
    — Jennifer Peterson - VP, Global Human Resources, Monotype
  • Jacqueline is a creative and tireless talent scout who did an amazing job of helping us fill a series of open positions. Whether by managing the recruiting process, reaching out to candidates at events, or rallying the troops for referrals, Jacqueline did an amazing job.
    — Chris Yeh - Investor, Writer, Mentor, Entrepreneur, PBWiki/PBworks
  • Jacqueline was able to fill positions for me at a high rate and demonstrated ability to juggle filling multiple roles at the same time. She understands the importance of finding out why her candidates were or were not successful in the interview process and adapts as needed for the next one rather than just throwing lots of candidates at you.
    — Brian Weichel - Engineering Leader, Involver
  • Jacqueline did an excellent job spearheading our recruiting process and helping us bring on board multiple enthusiastic, top-tier candidates in short order. Our team is strong due to her good work.
    — David E. Weekly - Head of Rapid Rollout Lab, Google Access