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In Career Coaching, we like to make sense of "why," in relation to your employment, your situation isn't improving. Together, we will create a step-by-step plan to garner the results that get you, PHYREDUP!

  • Why do you find yourself on Sunday nights dreading going into the office the next day?  
  • Why, despite interviewing well, have the offers not materialized?  
  • Why, despite your strong performance, have you not received a promotion or anything other than a nominal raise?  
  • Why can’t you recall your accomplishments for the past 11 months when you are scrambling to prepare for your annual performance review?

Our Career Coach, Jacqueline, has coached individual contributors into managerial roles, empowered executives out of their comfort-zone roles into meaningful engagement, negotiated offers with unbelievable sign-on bonuses, and she'd love to do the same for you.  Below are some brief descriptions of what we offer. 

  • [Jacqueline] was a supportive cheerleader but at the same time very honest and knowledgeable about what I was doing wrong and what changes I would need to get my job hunting on the right track.
    — Emily Laubach, Job Coaching Client
  • Jacqueline offered [my husband] job coaching services which led to him finding a new position that commanded more money and benefits and was closer to home. She helped my husband with the skills, language and confidence to secure this position.
    — Lynn Craig-Chavez, Job Coaching Client
  • She taught me how to slow down and stay calm and present a more authoritative interview self.
    — Emily Laubach, Job Coaching Client
  • My husband and I have used her job coaching services for over 6 years now. We highly recommend Jacqueline’s services as she’s truly been a lifeline for our family.
    — Lynn Craig-Chavez, Job Coaching Client
  • I loved working with Jackie. She is professional, enthusiastic, energetic, and truly cares about you as a person. She not only helped me to revamp my resume and get the job and salary I wanted, but helped me in my self development as a person.  She encouraged me to think outside the box and to always bring my "A" game. She is passionate about her job and really works with you to attain your goals.
    — Katherine Jung - Director for Educational Programs at UCSF Department of Urology, Job Coaching Client

We Meet You Where You Are - Wherever you might be in your process, whether it would be searching for new employment, moving within your company, preparing for the annual review, or needing some support in how to ask for that much deserved raise, that's where we'll start our conversation:

  • Bridge job - What if you've lost your job and need something immediate to help you pay the bills while you search for the perfect fit?
  • Promotion - Is there an opportunity to move to the next level and you need a little help preparing for that meeting or interview?
  • New vertical - Sometimes we need a change of scenery. Perhaps you've worked as a Project Manager in the marketing industry for years, but want to share your invaluable skills in a different way, possibly by becoming a Project Manager in the healthcare industry?
  • New role - You're an engineer at a company you love, and after many years, you realize engineering is not your passion anymore. As your advisor, I'll illustrate how to funnel your passion to a job you love! 
  • What's possible/have you considered - We all have endless capabilities and incredible ideas. We benefit when we take initiative and ask professionals to vet our ideas, soliciting valuable feedback and creating action plans to ensure incredible results.
  • Continuous improvements - We passionately invest in evaluating the latest trends, technologies and their relevance. Still putting your address in your resume header? That's no longer necessary. What certifications are most desired right now? For example, Scrum Master Certifications are in-demand and have eclipsed the PMP. Together, we'll decide what's right for you.

Assessment and Advocate - We are your advocates, your cheerleaders! We assess where you are today, listen for where you would like to be, and together we'll craft a tailored roadmap empowering you to get actionable. 

  • Resume - Review, assess and offer revisions as needed
  • Job Coaching - Assist you through the career development you need to take your next step
  • LinkedIn - Review and assess profile, offer suggestions to improve visibility and impact.
  • Confidence - Fear can be a blocking issue. As your advocate, We'll share tools to get you out of your funk; be inspired, motivated, and in process. 
  • Confidant - HR is not your best ally! We can listen and guide with your best interests as my foremost priority. We are keen to support, protect and educate you of your options. 
  • Advocate - We support active listening with a consultative approach, develop an emphatic view and introduce next steps, curated for you. 

Job Coaching Programs can be found here

Jacqueline is based in the Los Angeles area and is available for in-person Job Coaching sessions. International sessions are conducted via Skype. To schedule, Book Now, chat, email us directly (info@PHYREDUP.life), call toll-free 1-844-PHYRDUP, or send us a message here.