Career coaching services

WHY You Need a Career Coach

"I don't understand why I'm not getting what I deserve."

  • Why do I dread Mondays?

  • Why, despite interviewing well, haven't I received offers?

  • Why do I get passed up for promotions when I exceed expectations?

  • Why am I only getting a 3% raise?

Career Coaching Program Process


  • MONDAY Session 1: Discovery (FREE) What do you what do you want? Is PHYREDUP right for you?

  • THURSDAY Session 2: Commit - Roadmap, deliverables, & deadlines

  • MONDAY Session 3: Get more done in less time. Q&A, Homework

  • THURSDAY Session 4: Toolkit (resume/LinkedIn, work sample, etc.), Q&A Homework

  • MONDAY Session 5: Behavioral Interviewing - Role Play, Q&A, Homework

  • THURSDAY Session 6: Interview prep continued, e.g. company research, hiring manager profile review, interview follow-up, Q&A & homework

  • MONDAY Session 7: You’ve Got This! Employment offer negotiation, Q&A, Add sessions to proactively up-level career performance


Serving Mid to C-level Employees/Consultants

Individual Sessions, please submit request and fill out our intake form here

+ Job Coaching Programs (for both job seekers and employed professionals)

Coaching for a Job Promotion (3 sessions)

Coaching for an Annual Review (2-3 sessions)

Coaching to Transition to a New Role (5+ sessions)

Coaching for Job Prep (5+ sessions)

Coaching for Job Prep & Resume Revision

Job Search, Coaching for Job Prep & Resume Revision (when available)

Discover Passion/Talent/Gifts/Skills/Strengths/Areas for Improvement (5+ sessions)

+ Fan the Flames Bundle

• Get interview ready
• Be discovered (who couldn't love that, haha) by Recruiters and Hiring Managers by incorporating operative terms/key words that elevate your visibility
• Illustrate you're proactive
• Business Card - submit your Linkedin profile, CV, & contact details in one step
• Sizzle Reel (video) – introduce yourself and your talents, we'll direct you on the best practices
• Resume - review, edits, and suggestions
• LinkedIn Profile - review, analysis and edits to punch it up
• Work Product – illustrate your prowess in advance of their request

Career Coaching Pricing