Our Team

Meet Jacqueline McLaughlin;  Career Coach/Recruiter/Scrum Master, driven to inspire & amplify your success!  Surviving poverty, sexual abuse, & several foster homes, she longed to be a successful businesswoman and financially independent. And by divine intervention her 4th foster family illustrated this and affirmed, all things are possible when you commit to continued education. Her “grit”, perseverance and dedication to up-leveling on a continuum enabled her to attain goals.  And now she’s dedicated to helping you realize your dreams too!  Having teamed with NYTimes Best-Selling Authors, Ramit Sethi, IWILLTEACHYOUTOBERICH, & Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul & America's # 1 Success Coach, she’s leveraging the best success practices to transform you.


I am Kevin Flood, CTO and Entrepreneurial Advisor at PHYREDUP. I am a serial entrepreneur. A pioneer in AI, my first startup, originating from an MIT research project, garnered our first clients & investors, which became a strategy I highly recommend, though divergent from modern thinking.

Seeking a greater challenge, I headed to SCV as a dev lead with a startup & I’m pleased to share we ddi a record-breaking IPO with only 15ee’s.

Through these experiences, I’ve honed my skills in transforming businesses and with this, I’ve been fortunate to speak at international conferences, sharing my expertise on business viability, platforms, models, etc. And I’d like to know, how can I help you?

Patti Meyer, Operations Management Consultant, has partnered with Jacqueline for over a decade, supporting her concurrently in her recruiting and job coaching efforts. Patti collaborates closely with Jacqueline in creative brainstorming sessions and implements progressive solutions for a seamless experience where clients are well served. Though her impact can be seen throughout, she specializes in the technical and operational sides of PHYREDUP ensuring everything functions smoothly for you! 

Patti has spent many years of her professional life in various management positions, with a decade as an Operations Manager at a thriving non-profit theater, helping to build and grow a small, but exciting and community-serving organization just like PHYREDUP. Patti spent a year as the Operations Manager with PHYREDUP, assisting in the launch and development of the business in its initial stages. Patti continues to consult with Jacqueline on the ins and outs of PHYREDUP. Patti also maintains her own business, BizMagic, supporting other solo/entrepreneurs and small businesses with their business strategy and support needs. To learn more, visit her website at bizmagic.co.